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Data at Rest Encryption

Protect your data at rest in the cloud, data centers or applications

Data at Rest Encryption Solutions

Whether storing data at rest in your physical data center, a private or public cloud, or in a third-party storage application, proper encryption and key management are critical factors in ensuring sensitive data is protected and your organization maintains compliance.

Only SafeNet can offer granular encryption and role-based access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, and storage containers. With centralized key management and a hardened root of trust, organizations can ensure their master keys are protected and data remains secure.

Protecting structured data at rest in databases and applications:

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For sensitive and regulated data residing in databases and applications, SafeNet provides encryption and tokenization solutions to ensure the security of information throughout its lifecycle. Organizations can retain control of their data and meet compliance standards by ensuring only authorized individuals are able to decrypt and view sensitive information.

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  • ProtectApp: Encrypt sensitive field and application data at the point of creation

  • ProtectDB: Protect sensitive data across databases in the data center and the cloud

  • Tokenization Manager: Protect data entering your organization and achieve compliance

Protecting unstructured data at rest in files and storage:

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The majority of an organization’s data is unstructured – text files, photos, videos, presentations, emails, web pages, and other sensitive business documents. SafeNet’s encryption solutions protect sensitive data as it is accessed, shared, and stored beyond the traditional data center.

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  • ProtectFile: Encrypt the data in and control access to sensitive folders and files

  • ProtectV: Securely increase data center virtualization and/or migrate to the cloud

  • StorageSecure: Secure and store information on any NAS filers based on defined business policies

Secure key management and storage of encryption keys:

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With SafeNet, organizations can centrally, efficiently, and securely store and manage cryptographic keys and policies – across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise.

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  • KeySecure: Manage cryptographic keys, certificates and applications with a single, centralized platform

  • Luna HSMs: Secure transactions, applications, and sensitive data in a best-in-class hardware security module (HSM)

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Data at Rest Encryption Resources

Learn about the data security risks that could threaten your organization's structured and unstructured data as well as the data at rest protection methods you should use to address these trends.


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Importance of Key Management for Storage Security - White Paper

Over the last few years, as the requirements for data confidentiality and privacy have been magnified, encryption of stored data in the enterprise has become a much more compelling value proposition. In turn, many discrete storage encryption solutions, along with their customized key management systems, have been, and continue to be, implemented.

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Securing Seismic Images in Storage - White Paper

Energy and petrochemical companies manage vast amounts of sensitive data, and as news reports continue to make clear, these assets are too often exposed to compromise. For criminal organizations, nation-states, and malicious insiders, storage systems in energy and petrochemical companies represent a prime target—a central repository that can hold copies of virtually all sensitive files, including seismic images, financial and legal records, and other critical intellectual property.

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The Current State of Encryption and Key Management - White Paper

While encryption has been employed for decades, much has changed recently, and more change is sure to come. In recent years, the use of encryption has continued to increase, but so too have the number and scope of threats.

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Safeguarding Sensitive Data in Cloud Virtual Datacenters - White Paper

Although many organizations have made the move to virtualization and cloud service delivery models, there are still significant security challenges these environments present— challenges that many organizations have yet to address.

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