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Enterprise Data Protection Solutions

Enterprise Data Protection Solutions

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Sensitive data is everywhere. In a climate of advanced threats and breaches, dense virtualization, evolving regulatory mandates, and accelerating mobility, enterprise data protection allows organizations to secure and control their sensitive information while improving efficiencies and driving towards standardized and centralized management of an increasingly heterogeneous environment.

SafeNet offers the only complete portfolio of encryption, multi-factor authentication, and key management solutions that extend protection and ownership across the lifecycle of sensitive data, as it is created, accessed, shared, stored and moved. From the datacenter to the cloud, enterprises can remain protected, compliant and in control, no matter where their business takes them.

Authentication Solutions

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SafeNet Authentication solutions are the leading choice for organizations wanting to deploy strong authentication for access to data and applications, whether from the cloud or on-premises. Our authentication solutions span:


Encryption Solutions

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SafeNet Encryption solutions are trusted by the most important organizations to protect data, and the cryptographic keys used to encrypt that data, throughout its lifecycle, wherever it is stored, used, or transmitted.    


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Enterprise Data Protection Products

Offering solutions that are industry-specific, SafeNet is able to serve the particular requirements of our customers, protecting the world’s leading organizations in finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and more.

Hardware Security Modules

Hardware Security Modules

SafeNet hardware security modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services.

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Key Management

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With SafeNet, organizations can centrally, efficiently, and securely manage cryptographic keys and policies—across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise—in the cloud or on-premises.

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Authentication as a Service

SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) delivers authentication-as-a service with flexible token options, enabling a quick cloud migration and protecting data from any source – from cloud-based and on-premise applications to networks, users, and devices.

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Authentication Management

Authentication Management

SafeNet offers the most comprehensive identity access and authentication management systems to administer, monitor, and manage strong authentication deployments across the organization.

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Authentication Tokens

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Offering the broadest range of authentication methods and form factors, SafeNet allows customers to address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors with unified, centrally managed policies

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Data Center Encryption

Data Center Encryption

Customers rely on SafeNet's data center protection solutions to secure sensitive structured and unstructured data, including patient records, credit card information, social security numbers, and more.

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Virtual Machine Security

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With SafeNet organizations can efficiently and securely implement encryption in virtual environments. SafeNet solutions can encrypt and secure the entire contents of virtual machines, store and manage the encryption keys from the cloud, or offer encryption for cloud applications, such as Dropbox—protecting sensitive assets from theft or exposure.

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Application Security

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SafeNet enables organizations to encrypt sensitive assets in business applications as well as in some instances encrypt the application itself. With SafeNet solutions, customers can harness strong encryption, granular controls, and transparent implementation capabilities to efficiently and effectively secure sensitive assets.

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High-Speed Network Encryption

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Proven reliability, highest throughput, and lowest latency make SafeNet's network security devices the ideal solution for protecting data in motion, including time-sensitive voice, and video streams.

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Professional Data Protection Services

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SafeNet’s Data Protection Consultants specialize in transforming your vision into clear business objectives, assessing the state of your current infrastructure, and defining a clear list of requirements for achieving your security vision.

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Already familiar with our award-winning products? Quickly find your specific product(s) of interest by checking out our complete list of products with links to our product detail pages.

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Industry-Specific Data Protection Solutions

Offering solutions that are industry-specific, SafeNet is able to serve the particular requirements of our customers, protecting the world’s leading organizations in finance, retail, healthcare, and more.

Financial Data Security

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SafeNet is the market leader in financial data security for the world’s largest financial institutions protecting over 80% of the world’s fund transfers, providing transaction security for five of the world’s largest central banks.

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Healthcare Information Security

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With SafeNet solutions, healthcare organizations achieve and maintain compliance by protecting sensitive data, such as patient records, medical transactions, and intellectual property for pharmaceutical and medical patents.

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Retail Data Security

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Retailers utilize SafeNet solutions to secure customer data inside their organizations and achieve compliance with all retail data privacy mandates.

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Government Data Security

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SafeNet is trusted by governments across the world to secure mission critical information, control access, ensure data ownership, and safeguard communications.

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Data Protection for Cloud Service Providers

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Scalable authentication and encryption as-a-Service solutions for increasing ARPU and reducing operational costs, all while simplifying operations and maintaining compliance.

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Data Protection Resources

SafeNet Inc., the global leader of data protection, persistently protects your organization - from idea to action - by engineering solutions that adapt as your business evolves, giving you the confidence and agility you need to go farther, faster, smarter.


Virtual Data Center and Cloud - White Paper

Securing Data in the Virtual Data Center and Cloud - White Paper

Long an important security measure, encryption has emerged as a critical component to ensuring compliance in virtualized data centers and cloud environments. However, in order for encryption to be effectively, efficiently, and securely implemented in these emerging environments, there are several fundamental requirements that must be met. This paper provides an overview of these requirements.

Garter Report - Magic Quadrant for User Authentication

Gartner Report - Magic Quadrant for User Authentication

The Magic Quadrant for User Authentication depicts Gartner's independent analysis of authentication vendors in the marketplace. Positioning within the quadrant is based on an organization's ability to execute and completeness of vision. Gartner has positioned SafeNet in the leaders quadrant.

Authentication In The Modern World - White Paper

Authentication In The Modern World - White Paper

To contend with the implications of heightened risks, mobile device proliferation, and cloudbased service adoption, organizations will become increasingly reliant on authentication—but the tactical approaches applied in the past will no longer suffice.

Compliance and the Road Ahead

Compliance and the Road Ahead - White Paper

Regulatory mandates are nothing new, but in most organizations, the pressure, cost, and effort required to sustain compliance are reaching unprecedented levels. Compliance is challenged by evolving mandates, infrastructure changes like data center consolidation, new deployment models like cloud and virtualization, as well as advancing threats to the security of sensitive data itself.

SafeNet Key Security Icon

Importance of Key Management for Storage Security - White Paper

Over the last few years, as the requirements for data confidentiality and privacy have been magnified, encryption of stored data in the enterprise has become a much more compelling value proposition. In turn, many discrete storage encryption solutions, along with their customized key management systems, have been, and continue to be, implemented.

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