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  • Enterprise Data Security Research & Trends

    As the world leader in digital and data security, Gemalto conducts research on an ongoing basis to explore industry trends in digital and data security in an effort to provide relevant insights to both decision makers and consumers in our rapidly evolving digital society. Have a look at the topics we’ve looked into recently below.

  • Archived Research

    Data Breach Impact on Cust Loyalty Thumbnail

    Data Breach Impact on Customer Loyalty 2015

    Data breaches have a significant impact on whether a customer will interact with an organization again, this global research surveyed over 4,500 adults across five of the world’s largest economies – US, UK, Germany, Japan and Australia to explore customer loyalty sentiments.

    Data Center Consolidation Survey Thumbnail

    Data Center Consolidation Survey

    This research polled approximately 600 security and IT executives from a range of industries globally (representing 50 countries) about their data center consolidation projects.

    Breach Level Index Thumbnail

    2014 Annual Breach Level Index Report

    The Breach Level Index is a global database of data breaches as they happen and provides a methodology for security professionals to score the severity of breaches and see where they rank among publicly disclosed breaches. This report highlights the major breaches and trends observed during 2014.

    Data Security Confidence Index

    Data Security Confidence Index 2014

    This research (conducted by Vanson Bourne) polled more than 1000 individuals across the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific about the use of perimeter security measures to safeguard against security threats. Respondents included security and IT executives from a range of industries.

    Global Auth Survey Thumbnail

    Global Authentication Survey

    This research polled more than 350 senior IT decision-makers from around the world - around 29 % from the Asia Pacific region; 42 % from Europe, Middle East and Africa; and 29 % from North America. The report compares data with a corresponding report from 2013.

    State of the Data Breach Survey 2013

    State of the Data Breach Survey 2013

    In the 2013 State of the Data Breach survey conducted by SafeNet of 230 United States security professionals, revealing that, despite continued investments in network perimeter technologies, respondents are not confident that they are employing the right technologies to secure their high-value data.