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Encrypt financial transactions and protect customer data

SafeNet Payment Security

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Payment processing is the lifeblood of all financial service providers and merchants. Ensuring the security of consumer data is essential to the integrity of intra-bank network payments, ACH transfers, check clearing, mobile payments, and credit card transactions. Regardless of the processing method, payments and transfers must be secure handled quickly—especially when transactions are of high monetary value.

SafeNet is the market leader in securing the most sensitive information for the world’s largest financial institutions and merchants. Today, SafeNet's industry-leading solutions for transaction validation, transaction signing, key storage, and link encryption are trusted to protect over 80% of the world’s fund transfers. Our solutions protect over $1 Trillion in financial transactions each and every day!

Transaction Security for Online Banking

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Financial services organizations offer an ever-growing portfolio of online services to their customers.  However, not all online banking carries the same level of risk. Retail online banking customers, who may only have need to check their balance and perform limited management tasks online, are not exposed to the same level of risk as corporate customers who routinely carry out money transfers to third party accounts.

Accommodating the needs of both types of customers requires financial services organizations to adopt a comprehensive, yet flexible, approach to online banking security that leverages threat mitigation methods that can be adapted to a customer’s risk profile, based on their online banking activity.

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PIN Issuance & Management: Secure and Efficient Delivery via the Web

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The ability to securely deliver PINs to cardholders is a challenge for every card issuer and financial services provider. Sending PINs through traditional mail delivery is costly, time consuming, and highly insecure. In short, it is inefficient for today’s digital, on-demand world.

To improve customer service, reduce costs, and provide peace of mind to both the cardholder and the card issuer, organizations need a way to securely issue and manage PINs over the Web.

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Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) for Cost Effective PCI DSS Compliance

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The Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is an emerging technology that is used to encrypt cardholder data from the moment the customer swipes or enters their card information through the final processing of the payment.

P2PE allows merchants to significantly reduce the scope and cost of PCI DSS compliance. The P2PE standard is a true game changer for merchants—and for the service providers that sell into this market.

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 SafeNet Encryption Products for Payment Security

SafeNet is trusted to protect 80% of the worlds intra-bank transactions by securing critical electronic transaction applications to ensure high performance. Our encryption and key management products that can help protect highly valuable financial data include:

Luna EFT – Payment Security HSM

SafeNet Luna EFT is designed for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and payment system processing environments, providing powerful end-to-end security for online banking transactions and applications for credit, debit, and chip cards.

Unlike traditional online applications that use SSL, Luna EFT encrypts data at the client’s browser and decrypts at the host, so the transaction remains secure from point of entry through processing and authentication.

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ViewPIN+ – Web-Based PIN Delivery

SafeNet ViewPIN+ fully automates the issuance and delivery processes for personal identification numbers (PINs).

The only solution of its kind on the market, ViewPIN+ is designed to cut costs, prevent PIN fraud, and improve customer satisfaction for card issuers in the retail, banking, and telecom designed to securely deliver PINs and lower the risk of fraud that occurs when PIN mailer letters are intercepted en route to customers.

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Fighting eBanking Fraud/Preventing MITB Attacks - White Paper

Fighting eBanking Fraud & Preventing Man-in-the-Browser Attacks - White Paper

To meet their risk management, compliance, and business objectives, financial services institutions must have a clear understanding of the critical security threats that exist today—and the most effective strategies for addressing them. This paper reveals the main threats confronting financial institutions’ e-banking services, and discusses some of the key strategies for establishing a defense ecosystem that delivers the requisite levels of security to guard against fraud.

Revolutionizing PIN Issuance - Solution Brief

Revolutionizing PIN Issuance - Solution Brief

Historically, recognition-based identification worked best in small, closely-knit communities. Once people started traveling, once migrant populations grew in numbers, once cities grew in size, visual recognition did not suffice. Over time, methods of personal identification have evolved from simple name and face recognition to today’s electronic-based techniques. Much of the impetus for this evolution has been the advancement of computer-based financial transactions. It was more than 40 years ago that the first Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was invented, as a means of simplifying access to one’s funds anywhere, not only at one’s bank branch.

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Reducing Cost & Complexity of PA-DSS - Solution Brief

Establish a Robust Solution for Securing Payment Applications to Meet PA-DSS Requirements The Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) is a subset of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which applies to software developers and integrators of payment applications that store, process, or transmit cardholder data as part of authorization and settlement. In order to ensure that all sensitive cardholder data is secure, PCI requires merchants, banks, and all other parties that decide to use a third-party application to select one that meets the PA-DSS standard.

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