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Healthcare Data Security Solutions

Gemalto simplified patient information security

The security of sensitive data, such as patient records, medical transactions, and intellectual property for pharmaceutical and medical patents, is among the highest of priorities. Healthcare organizations require security solutions that protect this information, and prevent fraud and network breaches, all while sustaining regulatory compliance and maintaining a clean bill of health for their networks.

Total Identity and Data Protection for Healthcare Providers

SafeNet solutions enable you to protect information throughout its lifecycle, and include:

  • Medical Application Security Solutions for securing the integrity of your applications 
  • Digital Identity Solutions for identifying the employees, customers, suppliers, patients, and partners accessing your applications and system
  • Protected Health Information Security and Integrity Solutions for securing the integrity of digital documentation as we move from a paper to digital world 
  • Health Information Exchanges for securing the exchange of records and information, claim activity, and other transactions amongst healthcare providers and insurers
  • Medical Transactions Solutions for securing patient records and information, claim activity, and other transactions to ensure high efficiency, and security.
  • Remote and Network Communications Solutions for secure remote access and internal communications 

CTA HIPAA Checklist

Featured Resource: Data Protection for the Healthcare Industry

The nature of the healthcare industry has changed dramatically over the past decade, as those who provide health-related services have begun moving from paper-based processes to electronic methods. And maintaining the security of patient data is a complex proposition that affects:

  • Every employee of a healthcare facility,
  • Every area of its IT system,
  • And all vendors, partners, and insurers that work with the healthcare provider 

From medical records to insurance forms to prescription services, the healthcare business has become a networked environment--allowing patient information to be shared and managed by a variety of parties and from a number of endpoints, each with their own level of security for protecting that information.

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Not only are healthcare organizations oftentimes mandated to protect this information from data breaches and fraud, but it is also imperative for the health of their practice that patients have confidence that their personal information remains private and secure. Read this guidebook to learn more about the vulnerabilities providers face, as well as security recommendations available to deploy.

Top 10 Things to Know About Healthcare Information Security