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SafeNet Authenticators

Security tokens, smart cards and other authentication form factors

SafeNet Authenticators — Tokens, Smart Cards & Form Factors

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Offering the broadest range of authentication methods and form factors, SafeNet allows customers to address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors with unified, centrally managed policies—managed from one authentication back end delivered in the cloud or on premise.

Supported authentication methods include context-based authentication combined with step-up capabilities, OOB, one-time password (OTP) and X.509 certificate-based solutions. All authentication methods are available in numerous form factors, including smart card, USB token, software, mobile app, and hardware tokens.

SafeNet Authentication Tokens:

One-Time Password

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Generate dynamic one-time passwords (OTPs) for properly authenticating users to critical applications and data, whether on an authentication token, mobile device, or grid-based authentication.

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SafeNet's OTP Products:

  • eToken PASS: A compact and portable strong authentication device that allows organizations to conveniently and effectively establish OTP-based access control. Learn More

  • GOLD Challenge Response: Designed to protect identities and secure access, SafeNet’s GOLD authenticator is a highly effective two-factor OTP device that offers the added security of PIN protection and challenge response. Learn More


Certificate-Based USB Authentication Tokens

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SafeNet’s certificate-based USB authenticators enable secure remote access as well as other advanced applications including digital signing, password management, network logon, and combined physical/logical access in a single USB token.

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SafeNet's USB Tokens

  • eToken PRO: A USB-based authenticator that provides strong user authentication and cost-effective password management. Learn More

  • eToken PRO Anywhere: The industry’s first clientless smart card USB authentication device, combining the strength of certificate-based strong authentication with the simplicity and mobility of one-time passwords. Learn More

  • eToken 5100: A portable two-factor USB authenticator with advanced smart card technology. It utilizes certificate based technology to generate and store user credentials inside the protected environment of the smart card chip. Learn More

  • eToken 5110: Offers two-factor authentication for secure remote and network access, as well as certificate-based support for advanced security applications, including digital signature and pre-boot authentication. Learn More

  • eToken 5200: A zero footprint USB authenticator that provides users with secure access to web-based applications, SSL VPNs, cloud applications, and web-based portals from any computer without need for client software. Learn More


Certificate-Based Smart Cards

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SafeNet’s range of certificate-based smart cards offer strong multi-factor authentication in a traditional credit card form factor and enable organizations to address their PKI security and access control needs.

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SafeNet's Smart Cards:

  • eToken PRO Smart Card: A certificate-based strong authentication solution that enables strong user authentication, password management, secure digital signatures, and data security solutions. Learn More

  • eToken 4100: Ensures authorized user access to sensitive corporate networks and online business applications and offers support for advanced solutions such as digital signature and pre-boot authentication. Learn More

  • Smart Card 400: Allows for a higher level of security by offering wide application support, biometric capabilities, and secure crypto key storage. Learn More

  • Smart Card 650: The most secure certificated-based smart card available today. The Smart Card 650 securely stores users' authentication credentials and supports key generation and storage, encryption/decryption, & digital signing. Learn More


Hybrid Authenticators

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SafeNet’s advanced and innovative hybrid authenticators offer versatility and flexibility by combining one-time password, encrypted flash memory or certificate-based technology on the same strong authentication device.

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SafeNet's Hybrid Authenticators:

  • eToken NG-OTP: Combines one-time password capabilities and secure portable credential storage in a single USB authenticator. Learn More

  • iKey 1000: A USB device that can generate and store user credentials, such as private keys and digital certificates, inside the protected environment of the smart card chip. Learn More

  • eToken 3400: Ensures secure remote access to corporate resources and applications by generating a dynamic one-time passcode which is keyed into the login screen instead of a password. Learn More

  • eToken 7300: A certificate-based authentication solution that securely stores data and applications on up to 64GB of encrypted flash memory. Learn More

  • GrIDsure Tokens: Authenticate the end-user via a matrix of cells which contain random characters, from which he or she selects a 'personal identification pattern' (PIP). Learn More


Mobile Phone & Software Authentication

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Mobile phone- and software-based authentication tokens enable organizations to significantly save on hardware and deployment costs, while users benefit by not having to carry an additional hardware token around with them.

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SafeNet's Software Authentication Products:

  • eToken Virtual: A software-based authentication security solution that provides full PKI functionality for secure remote access, network access, and digital signing. Learn More

  • MobilePASS: Combines the security of two-factor strong authentication with the convenience of one-time passwords generated on a personal mobile device or PC. Learn More

  • MobilePASS+: An OTP app that offers single-tap out-of-band push authentication on mobile devices. Learn More


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Learn More About SafeNet Authenticators

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Secure Remote Access with MobilePASS - Case Study

The sports and entertainment organization chose SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM), SafeNet’s versatile authentication server, with two types of authenticators—MobilePASS software authenticators and eToken PASS hardware tokens.

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