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The terms and conditions covering our privacy follows the privacy policy of the corporate group Gemalto to which we belong (the "Gemalto’s Privacy Policy"). You can read the Gemalto’s Privacy Policy by clicking the tab "Disclaimer" at the bottom of this website and selecting "Privacy Policy". When reading the Gemalto’s Privacy Policy we ask you to take note of the following differences:

  1. The registrant of the domain name is SafeNet, Inc., located in Belcamp, state of Maryland (U.S.A.). Hence, the privacy policy has to be read with the applicable laws and regulations of Maryland in mind, in particular the Maryland Personal Information Protection Act.

  2. The definition of "On-Line Service" also applies to all SafeNet websites.

  3. You can contact and/or engage in communication with us by clicking "request information" or "Join our SM Mailing List" or "DP Mailing List".

  4. When you click the tab "Disclaimer" at the bottom of this website you are directed to a page that gives you access to the "Cookie Policy". The table in the Cookie Policy is replaced with the following table that is geared to SafeNet use of cookies:



Cookie Name









More information


_cfduid, AWSELB,

Lucky Orange

Used for the purposes of tracking website clicks and heatmapping pages.  No personal identifiable information is stored.

See Lucky Orange privacy policy

visitor_id51442, lpv51442, pardot


Used for the purposes of tracking website visits and form completions.

See Pardot’s privacy policy

_lota, _lotags, _lotb,_unam, _lo_rid, _lo_u, _lo_v, 


Technical cookie used to keep track of a user's session. Can be used to remember certain preferences for a web session such as use of the mobile version or desktop version of the site.




Used by our search engine on to keep track of search filters for the current session.


EkAnalytics, EktGUID, ecm,


Used by the website’s content management system, Ektron, to collect visitor information to measure performance and identify language preferences.


_stid, _uset, _unam

Share This

Used for sharing website content on social media channels.

See Share This privacy policy


Please note that in the future we may be using other cookies, hence we may modify the table but such modification could be implemented after the new cookie(s) is/are already in place. If you want to have an accurate list of the cookies we are using you can install Ghostery (a product of Ghostery, Inc.) which is easy-to-use browser plug-in to see and manage the information a website share with companies online.

  1. Since we are not selling our products via our website we are not collecting credit card information.

  2. You may request to be removed from marketing communication by using Also, you may update or change your registration information by using the link “Update your preferences” available in all email communications. You can also visit the following locations to change your email preferences:

  3. Note that the platform where your information is being processed is not located in France but in the UK.

  4. Questions regarding this privacy policy have to be directed to our Legal Department at