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    Data Security Confidence Index 2015

    Gemalto surveyed 900 IT decision makers to assess how confident they are in their companies’ abilities to prepare for and respond to a data breach Unfortunately, the Data Security Confidence Index (DSCI) found that while 71% of organizations have adjusted their security strategy, they are still focused on perimeter security.

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    Data Breaches in H1 2015 Infographic

    As documented in the Breach Level Index, the first six months of 2015 demonstrated that hackers continue to get past conventional perimeter security with relative ease, targeting nearly every industry and executing several high profile data breaches that scored tens of millions of data records each. 


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Tapping Fibre Optic Networks Infographic

With a signal loss less than 1dB, fibre tapping is practically undetectable. Transmission security makes trafficlook consistent without patterns or characteristics, allowing you to better protect your data in motion.

Your Key Mobile Connect Partner - Infographic

Remote Access Authentication for a Mobile Workforce

Today, more employees are working out of the office on mobile devices and using cloud services in the process. As a result, enterprise data is increasingly mobile as well and must be protected with the right remote access authentication solution.

Data Breaches in 2015 Infographic

In 2015, 1,673 data breaches led to 707 million data records being compromised, as documented by the Breach Level Index. If 2014 was the year of the mega breach (and it was), 2015 was the year data breaches got personal, with identity theft the number one type of breach incidents last year.

The below infographic presents the number of breaches, the number of data records lost, and data breaches by industry, type of breach, source and by country/region.

Authentication Identity Management Index - Infographic

Download the Authentication and Identity Management Index to learn more about the challenges identified by IT staff on data security mobility.

Secure Access to the Cloud - Infographic

Learn how IT admins can easily apply a single, secure access credential to all cloud and enterprise apps -in this secure cloud access infographic.

The State of Payment Data Security - Infographic

This infographic summarizes key findings of The Global Study on the State of Payment Data Security by Gemalto who surveyed more than 3,700 IT and IT security practitioners worldwide to gauge how companies are securing payment data and the security risks as new mobile payment methods grow in acceptance.

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