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Addressing Gaps in Medical Device Security - White Paper

Network Metadata: Why Your Organization is Exposed and What to Do About It - White Paper

Making SSL Faster and More Secure - White Paper

Complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - White Paper

For retailers, financial institutions, payment processors, and a range of other organizations that store or access payment card information, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a critical mandate. This paper looks in detail at many of the vital requirements PCI DSS sets out for securing sensitive cardholder data, and it reveals how specific Gemalto SafeNet solutions can help address these requirements.

Building the Trusted Connected Car - White Paper

While the connected car offers huge opportunities for drivers and associated businesses, the full measure of these gains won’t be realized without effective security.

As the connected car’s intelligence, services, and ecosystem expands, so do the potential risks and exposures. This paper offers a look at the opportunities and threats presented by the connected car, and it provides an overview of the keys to building a trusted ecosystem that enables continued innovation in the connected car segment—without jeopardizing driver privacy or safety.

Assessing the True Cost of Strong Authentication - White Paper

Many organizations rarely look closely at the Total Cost of Operation of their authentication solution and instead make a decision heavily driven by the up-front purchase price.

Time versus Event Based One-Time Passwords - White Paper

In this document we compare the two main approaches to onetime passwords (OTP): time-based OTP and event-based OTP. Our main conclusion is that they are very similar from both a security and usability perspective (with each having slight advantages of a different nature).

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