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Consolidating Software Licensing Technologies - White Paper

Given the tough competition software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers face, it’s no surprise that these organizations depend on creating innovative products and services to grow their businesses.

Monetizing the IoT: Show Me the Money - White Paper

This paper presents an overview of the forces driving the IoT, the 10 major markets being disrupted, and the importance of ecosystems and partners in monetizing the IoT.

License and Entitlement Management in the Era of the Internet of Things - White Paper

More Variety with Less Cost: Using Software Features to Achieve Product Differentiation - White Paper

Lucrative Pricing and Packaging Strategies for the Cloud Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond - White Paper

SaaS Pricing and Packaging Strategies White Paper - Software pricing and packaging is an art form regardless of whether it’s delivered as a service or as physical on-premise software. There is also a lot of science involved. This paper explores the most critical aspects of introducing and managing SaaS applications and presents ISVs with ideas on how to build, execute and manage effective software pricing and packaging strategies for Cloud services.

Increasing Reach and Revenue through Secure Software Trialware - White Paper

Putting your software product in the hands of potential customers and letting them experience the power of what you have to offer not only helps to solidify your value proposition but also makes it tough to part with.

The Sentinel HASP Envelope - White Paper

The Sentinel HASP Envelope Whitepaper-This paper examines a variety of counterattacks available as part of the Sentinel HASP Envelope mechanism for protecting applications from piracy.

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