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SaaS Application Monetization

Cloud Service Monetization from SafeNet

As early adopters of cloud based software development and delivery methods have realized, SaaS monetization is not easy. In order to be successful, service providers must be able to effectively package, provision, control, track, and manage a dynamic service catalog, not only ensure fair compensation but to also ensure maximum market applicability and a positive customer experience. Explore the key challenges typically faced by cloud software providers throughout the monetization process.

A complete software monetization solution for cloud-based service delivery must:

  • Enable sophisticated service catalog definition
  • Provide automated service agreement provisioning
  • Support feature-level user authorization
  • Allow service catalog and pricing model reconfiguration without re-engineering
  • Offer detailed service usage tracking and reporting
  • Integrate easily and seamlessly with the service providers various back office systems, enabling process automation
  • Support software delivery and management scenarios, offering software publishers a means to centrally manage all cloud services and traditional on-premise applications


Sentinel® Cloud Services  bring SafeNet’s industry-proven experience in software licensing and entitlement management to the cloud. Built leveraging the company’s more than 25 years of experience delivering best-in-breed software licensing and management solutions, but architected from the ground up to support all of the unique requirements of cloud service delivery, Sentinel Cloud Services is the industry’s only complete and proven solution for SaaS Management and software monetization in the cloud.

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