• Deliver a cloud-like experience for on-premise applications

    Maintain multiple levels of access to your application, allowing customers to optimize how they consume it. Authorize users to access your on-premise application from multiple devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and any other licensed devices. Instantly reconfigure feature sets and business models based on dynamic market feedback and usage data. Analyze data and identify trends in order to improve business decision-making capabilities, and respond to emerging market opportunities.

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    Why Sentinel Cloud Licensing is Right for You

  • Collect Usage Data on Your Application

    Do you know how your customers use your application? Do you know which features they like the most?

    Let Sentinel Cloud Licensing tell you which of your application’s features are most popular. Sentinel Cloud Licensing aggregates granular usage data from all the instances of your application and helps you improve business decision-making capabilities.

    Introduce New Pricing Models

    Use the data collected by Sentinel Cloud Licensing to introduce consumption-based pricing models: pre-pay, post-pay and hybrid.

    Find out if you can reach unique market segments and realize new business opportunities with this less-traditional pricing.

    Modify Licenses in Real Time

    With Sentinel Cloud Licensing, any changes to your licenses are applied immediately.

    Modify your application whenever you wish and allow customers to buy more features, more products and more packages instantly!

    Authorize Software Access
    from Any Device

    Forget about node locking! Sentinel Cloud Licensing is user-centric.

    Let end users log into your application from desktops, laptops, tablets, and any other licensed devices.