• Maximize the potential of cloud-delivered applications

    Maintain multiple levels of access to your service, allowing customers to optimize how they consume it. Reconfigure feature sets and business models without the involvement of engineering, to instantly embrace evolving market demands. Rely on comprehensive Life Cycle Management tools to convert your trial users into paying customers. Introduce consumption based pricing models to reach unique market segments and realize new business opportunities.

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    Why Sentinel Cloud Services is Right for You

  • Easily Bundle Your Application

    With Sentinel Cloud Services, you have the required building blocks to easily create a sophisticated service offering with multiple packaging options.

    Experiment with your service packaging to reach new market segments and maximize your bottom line.

    Offer Features À La Carte

    Sentinel Cloud Services allows you to easily bundle or separate your application's features without the involvement of engineering.

    Find out if you can realize new business by letting customers buy features à la carte and optimize how they consume your service.

    Turn Trial Users into Paying Customers

    Do you know which trial user is likely to convert into a lifetime customer? Do you interact with that user on a regular basis?

    Rely on Sentinel Cloud Services to take care of lifecycle management for you. Turn trial users into profitable customers in no time.

    Introduce Flexible Pricing

    Getting your pricing right is essential to attaining your financial goals. Do you know which pricing model utilizes your earning potential to its fullest?

    Sentinel Cloud Services helps you introduce and test more pricing models: pre-pay, post-pay, hybrid, subscription and concurrent, among others.