• Collect Usage Data on Your Software

    Analyze usage data down to the feature level to identify trends and opportunities

    Create Flexible Product Packages

    Easily bundle your application to reach a range of unique market segments

    Introduce Consumption Based Pricing Models

    Win new business by allowing end users to pay according to their consumption of your application

  • Sentinel Cloud

    A cloud based Licensing and Entitlement solution for on-premise software and cloud delivered services

  • More Data

    Collect usage data and learn about
    customer preferences

    More Revenue

    Use data to introduce new pricing
    models and win new businesses

    More Control

    Send software updates and modify
    licenses whenever you wish

  • Meet the Sentinel Cloud Partners

  • Software Licensing No Longer
    Means Just Copy Protection

    In today’s world, a comprehensive licensing solution is one that helps you make the most out of your software. Such a solution gives you the tools to capture 100% of the profits that your software can generate. It allows you to build versatile product packages, provision user access, measure usage, and instantly adapt your offerings to embrace new market opportunities. Combining all of these capabilities is the secret behind true software monetization. It is the secret behind helping you make money off of your software.

    That is our specialty.